Monday, 9 September 2013

Blog numero uno!


Welcome to my blog! I'm an accountant, but by trade rather than by nature! I'm currently on secondment from London to Amsterdam for 6 months, starting last week!

I'm planning on making this a blog of my thoughts, my pictures and a way to document my time spent in Amsterdam, which so far has been absolutely amazing! 

Work has put me up in an uber-cool studio flat, near a tram, plus I'm now the proud owner of a 'Grandma' bike - I call her Edna...

I have a to do list which I want to complete/add to over the next 6 months, I've completed some, the others I might wait until people come over -it's so exciting! Shame I have to go to work...... -It seems to get in the way of the weekends!!!
I've already visited an office outskirts of Utrecht...totally glamorous...! 

Edna, my 'Grandma' bike

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