Wednesday, 11 September 2013

So far...

I'm a week and a half into my 6 month adventure and have completed a few, all though not many of  My To Do List!! Some of the things don't really lend themselves to good photographs.. aka bread and sprinkles!

My main accomplishment is the purchase of Edna, my bike (see previous post!). On Saturday, on my trip to pimp my bike out (with a milk crate and another chain & lock...wild!), I came across a bridge full of love locks - one way looking down to a church, the other to a classic Amsterdam canal view. It was really sweet!

Love locks - Amsterdam
Sunday - I went to visit a hockey club, cycling the 25km round trip (getting very, very lost in the process!). Luckily it ended up with me seeing Riekermolen windmill - and it actually was sunny! 
Riekermolen, Amstelpar
 Amsterdam is a complete maze. You can think you're walking in a straight line, and maybe have turned right thing you know you're back at your flat! Everywhere you turn is a new sight/view/experience which is amazing! It's pretty similar to London - but significantly cheaper!  :o)

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