Thursday, 19 September 2013

Weekend 2

P.s... I did write this on Sunday... work has just got in the way! Next update soon!

This weekend was my second full weekend in Amsterdam - and was significantly more busy than last weekend!

This week has been really good - I'm fully settled in, my bank account is sorted and I have a social security number!

Thursday I had expat drinks at the office, met some of the other secondees to Amsterdam. Travelled back to the city with a few of the expats, ended up at a BBQ instead!

On Saturday it was pouring with rain for most of the me and a Canadian expat met up with a couple of her friends and cycled over to Roest (in the pouring rain) in the north east corner of Amsterdam. It's based in an old warehouse, which has a 'beach', and is right on the water. Most of the stalls were eco food/products as well as a lot of vintage & food stalls.

This weekend was the last weekend of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, so we took the opportunity to go see a 'best of the fringe' was called 'Beloved'. I'm not sure any of us actually really knew what we were going to see - see The Beloved!! It was in the basement of a bar, which was pretty cool, lots of retro film posters and aeroplane seats in the bar, but the basement was pretty dark and the audience was about 15 people...! It was all a bit strange really, but I feel cultured now, and am glad I managed to make the Fringe Festival!

We then went for a tapas/paella (and sangria!) dinner. After that we went to go see the film Lovelace (with Amanda Seyfried) and that was a pretty crazy film too!

Sunday revolved around food a lot (again!), we (me and an expat) went round an art market, then went to Neighbourhood Food Market in the West (and saw Westerpark) and then went shopping!

Ooh, we also went to a few open houses as this is the last weekend of the Open Monumentendag 2013 so we went and had a look at some of the old houses on Herengracht.

Sorry the formatting is slightly crazy, I took so many photos this weekend!

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